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Warships are aerial war machines used throughout The Great War. Both Dwarves and Elves constructed their own fleet utilizing their own technology.

Dwarven Warships

These gigantic insect-like warships are made of hundreds of "Catalysts" combined to form a warship that provided the Dwarf tactical superiority during the Great War. These warships are armed with cannons capable of shooting blasts of spiritual energy that could even damage the hide of a Dragonia. They could also carry and launch the E-Bombs.

Elven Warships

These warships created by Elven magic were used during the Great War and have magical weaponry enchanted to them. Elven mages travel on these warships to cast rites that are used as weaponry during wartime. Some known special examples are the Phantasma capturing fleet deployed during the events of Practical War Game and the fleet carrying Aka Si Anse deployed during the final act of war.

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