Veig Drauvnir (ヴェイグ・ドラウヴニル, Veigu Dorauvuniru) is the Race Representative of the Dwarf race. He challenged Sora and Shiro to a game of Spirit Arms Battle, typical of Dwarves in tenth volume of the light novels.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Veig has a very masculine appearance. With his mithril hair slicked back and cleanly groomed facial hair, he also has tan skin. His hair is tied into a braid which extends down into his shoulder and he seems to have many different accessories. His right eye is covered by an apparatus that appears to be a scope.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Veig has the personality of a typical drunken uncle, speaking in a very vulgar and crude manner. He's being called a sex offender by Sora and Shiro for augmenting Nýi's breast to be large simply for his own personal pleasures.

He seems to have the same ideology as the rest of his brethren and dislikes the Ten Covenants since in the "old days", Dwarves would solve personal problems with their fists. Also, Veig can only acknowledge big breasts. Due to his ancestor being attracted to a big-breasted woman of another race, the rest of the Drauvnil family after only likes big breasts although no female dwarf fits that characteristic. His obsession in big breasts is so much that he created a reality-warping spirit arms that could turn all females nearby into big breasts.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Strengths[edit | edit source]

Craftmanship: Veig is a master crafter as him and Lóni Drauvnir made the greatest device recognized by Dwarves. The devices are a pair of robots armed with artificial Ethers, capable of rewriting the "concept" of both spiritual and physical forms for a short period. According to Sora, that is pretty much akin to rewriting the settings of computer games instead of using cheat codes. Dwarves choose their representatives based upon how well they craft, which means he is unrivaled in his crafts.

Intuition: His intuition is so strong that it's akin to clairvoyance. He is able to sense Sora and Shiro's precise location after they went into hiding, and the fact that they are from another world. During the Spirit Arms Battle, he's able to predict the trajectory of long range attacks originating from his blind spots before it was even fired.

Weaknesses[edit | edit source]

Like all Dwarves, he requires a catalyst to use any sorts of magic, otherwise he will overload due to his mithril hair. Also, since he cannot fail or have unexpected results, his development is limited by his imagination.

History[edit | edit source]

He was known to be a genius as far as 79 years ago, being the one who rival the legendary Lóni Drauvnir in crafts and was regarded as the most promising candidate for the next representative. Nýi admired him greatly during her childhood, claiming to be his future bride and made a vow to surpass him in craftmanship. However, as years passed, Nýi turns out to be hairless and totally inept in dwarven craftmanship. Her inferiority complex widened their gap, but he's still pursuing her in his own way.

After the spirit arms battle, he proposed to Nýi, but was harshly rejected. Since Nýi asked him to "never speak to her again before visiting the planet of big breasts", he decided to pursue technology in space travel as his next goal.

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