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Veig Drauvnil (ヴェイグ・ドラウヴニル) is the Race Representative of the Dwarf race. He challenges Sora and Shiro to a game of Spirit Arm Battle, typical of Dwarves in tenth volume of the light novels.

Appearance Edit

Veig has a very masculine appearance. With his mithril hair slicked back and cleanly groomed facial hair, he also has tan skin. His hair is tied into a braid which extends down into his shoulder and he seems to have many different accessories.

Personality Edit

Veig has the personality of a typical drunken uncle. Being called a sex offender by Sora and Shiro for augmenting Nýi's breast to be large simply for his own personal pleasures. He seems to have the same ideology as the rest of his brethren and dislikes the Ten Pledges since in the "old days", Dwarves would solve personal problems with their fists. Also, Veig can only acknowledge large breasts due to his ancestor being attracted to a large breast woman of another race, the rest of the Drauvnil family after only likes big breasts although no female dwarf fits that characteristic.

Abilities Edit

Strengths Edit

Veig is assumed to be a master crafter as him and Lóni Drauvnil made the greatest device recognized by Dwarves.

The devices are a pair of robots, respectively, they can rewrite the "concept" of both spiritual and physical forms for a short period. According to Sora, that is very much rewriting the setting of computer games instead of using cheat code. He is known as the best Dwarf as Dwarves choose their representatives based upon how well they craft, meaning he is unrivaled in his crafts.

Weaknesses Edit

Like all Dwarves, he requires a catalyst to use any sort of magic otherwise he will overload due to his mithril hair.

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