Hello to all the fellow Imanity having a look at the No Game No Life Wiki here on Fandom! Its a pleasure to meet all of you, and i hope you have a pleasent stay. 

Its time for the monthly update! Heres whats on the up and up with No Game No Life:

First up, Models and Figurines. Ive already addressed this in my previous post (which you can probably see below), however, we have some official artwork of a to-be! Unfortunately, the resolution is less than stellar on the wiki, but if you want a closer look just click on the picture to see it in its "full resolution" glory!
Shiro Scale Figure (special v)

(you really be teasing us Kadokawa)

Next up, NEW ANIME BUNDLE! No really, Sentai Filmworks is releasing the entierity of the anime and No Game No Life: Zero the movie all in one Collectors Edition Steelbook! It retails at $64.99 USD and is linked below!

Steelbook Collectors Edition

Once again, click to see the full resolution! Or, if you prefer, view the tweet here:

And purchase it here:

Recently, an artist recreated Shiro as a Rosalina amibo!

View the original tweet here:


Not sure whats good on the wiki? Click on my profile and scroll down to see a bunch of werid or interesting pages listed! Heres a sample of a few: 

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Barthel Mansion
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Labyrinth Of Tribulation

and finally some Spiritwater Blend Shampoo!

Ever want to know MORE? Check out the JAM PACKED past updates!!

Let me know your thoughts below, and once again, welcome :D

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