Happy 2020 everyone! Have you been craving ANY news involving No Game No Life? Well I hope I can satisfy that thirst. Although if you are excited that i'm about to announce to you all that were getting a new season or spinoff, you might as well click off. But wait! If you want to know what kind of merchandise or information is happening or has happened, including new figurines for 2020! Im here to get you up to speed! Here we go...

First off, some information from the last 2 months: There are several Japanese-based businesses releasing merchandise with the NGNL label. Some of those can be found below. Ive ensured that these links are safe, however they are entirely in Japanese. Please also be aware that your bank must be either informed of your over-seas purchase, or have policies allowing the purchase with your card of choosing. Here are a few of the things that have recently come out, please remember that these are 3rd party (NOT OFFICIAL) businesses that are overseas and work by very different policies than the west. 

Id strongly suggest using google translate if highly interested in purchasing, its not exactly accurate, but it will get you buy for the most part without big troubles.

  • (ENDED) Acrylic Stands showing the female cast in Kimono's There is currently no news on weather or not this will be restocked. It states it will NOT be restocked, but we were also told that when the No Game No Life Collector's Edition first came out. Still, dont get your hopes up. If you image search, you might be able to pick up an english stock that has its whole page in english. 
  • NEW FIGURINES?! Thats right, a NEW Shiro figure will be released in May 2020. "Pop Up Parade No Game No Life Shiro: Sniper Version"
  • Finally, are you interested in pillows with Shuvi or Shiro's face on them? Yes? *dials phone* Hello FBI..? Ok no but seriously, there is also new sets of clothing and everyday items that came out in december. Please note it IS over-seas and NOT endorsed by the official rights of NGNL.
  • No Game No Life Volume 11 has an estimated release date of 2020 with no current released artwork. Volume 11 for english translation is currently unknown.
  • No new information about anything anime/animation related
  • Thats it! Im sorry if I failed to spark that NGNL spirit. If you'd like to see NGNL memes that make you both laugh and cry, (sometimes at the same time), then have a look at a popular Reddit Community (We do not endorse this Reddit, nor is it officially linked with this wiki) (FOR MEMES!?)

If you at any time want to know the newest update, click on the "No Game No Life Wiki" logo on the top left of your screen. If there is nothing there, that means there is little NEW news. Please let me know if you would like this type of update every few months!!! If I missed anything, please let me know! Id love to know more about updates myself!

Thank you, and have a good day.

Jibril 1-7 Figure

"No Game No Life Jibril 1/7 Scale Figure" (Re-run) by Ultra Tokyo Connection


May 2020 Figure "Pop Up Parade No Game No Life Shiro: Sniper Ver."

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