So i recently went to Kamiya's twitter looking for more info about Light Novel Volume 10 , Light Novel Volume 7 , and what both the No Game No Life Film Concert 's plan was, as well as the answers he gives to questions reguarding his series. He said that volume 7 will be postponed and that it is not his fault, but didnt give any names. He simply said he had no control over the translation and publication of the LN in the americas with only a few exceptions. He implies that its the publisher to blame, but never actually says it. Volume 10 will indeed include the Dwarf race, and we will soon learn more about them and their home country Hardenfell. The NGNL Film Concert's schedule hasnt changed but he has released new artwork and promo booklets for the events. You can see what the booklet looks like here. He hasnt answered any questions lately reguarding the NGNL world and smoothing out some edges, but this is probably due to his busy schedule. 

If you want more info on the book, here:

If you want to check Kamiya's Twitter to keep updated, here:

Im having trouble deciding what is and isnt spoilers. If you could please leave and answer here to help decide what you (the community) want spoiled for Volume 10 when its plot, summary, etc is put on this wiki. 

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