Good evening/morning/night wherever you lovely people are. Here's some recap for ya'll


Maybe like two weeks ago, I posted the original soundtrack of the NGNL anime, if you missed it here's the link :

As of now, here's the zero link! Sorry for the messy organization ya'll, file names are in romanji rather than English just follow the track numbers on the OST page and the track numbers on the files. I'm sure you can figure it out :D

Volume 10

  • After two long years, Yen Press has finally released the English translation of volume 10! It's a good read, although it mentions a lot about large breasts even for Kamiya. =_= Anyways, enjoy the volume for yourself~
  • With the release of Volume 10, new info is being pushed onto pages. (Unfortunately, I am not a Japanese reader nor speaker so sorry about that)
  • Anyways time for hibernation~ if you don't mind, the preview for Volume 11 is as follows :

A few days later, the country that had disappeared from the map--as it changed its name from the Kingdom of Elkia to the Republican Dukedom of Elkia--this time disappeared from the ground as a voice answered the two's hopes. An echo against the spatial phase boundary, which everyone inhabiting that land heard, namely :
..a Sprite Tune....

oooh~ looks like the gamer siblings are finally gonna meet the fairies, after this the only Exceed left to be introduced are the all mysterious Lunamana! Speculations for Volume 11 anyone? The last image preview of Volume 11 goes as follows :

Light Novel Volume 10 Illustration - 17

I do have to remind you, the top right corner says this preview is 80% bullsh*t!
yadayadayada- it talks about the way to escape the Spatial Phase Boundary is to use a magical flying loli bag...whatever that means ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Hopefully, Kamiya knocks out two birds with one stone. Most likely thinking Blank is going to free the Fairies from their long enslavement and the Elves being pissed that they lost their greatest asset challenge them to a game in which both the Fairies and Elven Gard join the Elchea Federation! What do you guys think?

Also volume 11 shows NO SIGN! of being close to being released HAHAHAHAHHAHA damn you Kamiya~ if we don't get Volume 11 by the end of this year it's safe to say it's not looking good

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