How I found the series of No Game No Life, the year was 2014 I was still very new to anime and was trying to find something new and came across No Game No Life around 2 in the morning while sleeping over at my Aunts place. If I remember correctly it was nearing the end of the series on Crunchyroll 11/12 episodes were realesed and the 12th being released the day of (or a few afer I can't remember)

And I instanly loved it from the vivid colouring the great story how it made you think everything was great with it after it was over I left it until I found out that it was getting both an English Dub (which I prefer more since I can consintraite on the show and everything else going on easier) I watched it once in the Dub and I still loved it even though it sounded a bit different (of course) but it was a pretty solid one (imo) If I remember it was around late August early September of 2015 when I checked it out.

After watching it again and still having the same feeling as I did back when I originally watched it I decided to Pre-Order the No Game No Life Collectors Edition which was one of my very first Collection Edition if not the first and is still one of my favourite anime's and probably will always be on of my favourites I thought about doing this since the new movie No Game No Life Zero has been hit theaters in Japan and now has the offical Subtitle version (I'm guessing maybe on Crunchyroll I could be totally wrong though).

And I know for sure once it gets a dub and DVD release I'm pre-ordering right away.

And of course I got into the Light Novel series as well but that was later on I believe in early 2016 (when I started buying Light Novels and Manga's) only the first 3 books were out by Yen Press and been buying and reading them ever since.

And since we have gotten a movie based on Volume 6 I wonder if maybe we'll get a season 2 someday (fingers crossed).

If you read this thank you for reading and I hope this wasn't confusing I hope you enjoyed my first and probably only (ever) blog post ^^ .
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