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Hello there! Welcome to my profile! I am a multilingual editor on this wiki. If you have any questions or concerns let me know! I also run a tune account under the name of GLaDOS from Apature Science.
I use Central Standard Time and am currently Active

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No Game No Life Film Concert E-Bomb The Great War Blood Destruction Kanias No Game No Life Collector's Edition Aley
Aka Si Anse Heavens Strike 6 Pledges The Red Moon lots of the galleries (like manga 1 and 2 and more) whatever page involves Sora. Raphael (the Flugel)
Lily Ivan Zell Ghost (The 179 Ghost's) Blood Break all members of the 179 Ghost's Music or Albums The Red Moon
Arienna, Lucia, and Valar Continents Demon King Insein Nebia Black Ash Spirit Compass The Green Dwarf Lanuages for dwarfs, elves]
Elf Development Facility Dwarf Development Facility Elven High Council Kannagari City Temple of the Shrine Priestess Eastern Union Elkian Embassy Spiritwater Blend Shampoo
Jibril's Kitchen Armatite Armatitie Mine Eternal Fourth Protection Royal Bathhouse Unnamed Gambler Pyroxene
Unnamed Equine Nilvalen Private Garden Lösen: Enderpokryphen No Game No Life (Manga)

Chitose Kanae

Sprite Tunes


Arma Qualia The Great Ocean Ron Barthel Planets Barthel Mansion Harp of Golden Dragon Bone Labyrinth Of Tribulation
Little Beast Cafe

Witch Forest

Izunas Friends

Union Restaurant

Spirit Medicine

Psychological Empty Space

Emergency Committee Council

Maximiliam Tidedecker Rite of Restoration Dola Rock Pendant Rite of Restoration P E E

My current favorite piece of art:

Manga 2 Inner Cover.jpeg

To do:

Miko Gallery

Ino Gallery

Izuna Gallery

The games (Dating Sim)

Fix the trivia portion of stuff