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''Monologues and funny stuff''
''Monologues and funny stuff''

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Monologues and funny stuff

Wiki goals

  • More Affiliations?
    • SAO wiki
    • Kakegurui
    • wikis about gaming animes in general

Funny Stuff

Long eared forest mongrels

Quotes I like

Grandfather what is this key for?

It's the key to where I keep something very important.
I know about that!
I heard men collect books they can't show to other people!
No no, that's another key...
Wait No!

Our timelines weren’t in step. If time can really be turned back, give me one last chance.
—Taki Tachibana
Schwi...I never told you my name. But that would be it. It was a gift to me, from the one I love.
—Schwi Dola
Good luck...on the SAT
I'm nine.
Whatever! Do good in school
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