Hi. I'm Primal Groudon and I mainly edit the Magical Girl Raising Project wiki. However, I also love NGNL and own two of the light novels. I first got into NGNL from the anime- it was just so awesome and is currently one of my top favorite anime of all time. Right now I'm mostly just editing for grammatical errors and stuff but I know how to work the infoboxes and stuff so yeah.

Top Favorite CharactersEdit

  1. Jibril : Every single aspect of her is pretty much perfect.
  2. Kuhaku : Their antics are incredibly entertaining and enjoyable.
  3. Azriel : I really like her color scheme, nyan. Her sea-green hair color is just so nice, nyan.

Favorite LN Illustrations Edit

I'll add more but yeah I basically like anything with Jibril in it or with colors.
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