The Unnamed Thieves are the three thieves that failed in their attempt to rob Sora and Shiro briefly after the siblings were teleported to Disboard. While they only briefly appear in the light novel and the manga adaptation, they are seen slightly more in the anime adaptation.

In episode 1, as they have to comply with the Ten Pledges, they can steal from others only by winning a game. The thieves assumed the siblings were like their usual victims from the countryside who were not knowledgeable about games and challenged them to a game, where each side had bet all their belongings. They were defeated swiftly, thus forced to explain the new world to the siblings. One of them asked Sora to at least leave them with pants to cover themselves, but was refused, thus they were left in only their underwear. They briefly appeared in episode 3 as faraway spectators of the siblings' coronation speech, shown in their underwear and wearing additional leaves.

Adaption notesEdit

  • While there are three thieves in the series' anime adaptation, there are more than a dozen of them in its manga adaptation.


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