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Tillnog County is an Elven state within Tillnog. The state is situated in the southeast of Melvolle, with its capital Loamigel bordering the Dwarven kingdom of Hardenfell.


Loamigel's appearance was entirely different from that of the streets of Immanity—of Elkia. Over the center of the city towered the Bal Bel—an unspeakably vast tree that spread its foliage above the clouds and whose roots crawled through the ground like blood vessels to lay out the city's network of roads. The spaces between these roads were filled by houses and streetlamps, themselves formed from the intricate interweaving of trees and vines that sprouted from the earth. It bore only a superficial resemblance to "architecture"—the phenomenon of clearing forests, flattening the earth, and laying wood and stones on top of it. It was a living city, made possible by advanced magical engineering.

The state governor was Lord Ron Barthel. After his downfall due to Fiel and Chlammy's machinations in Volume 5, the state was used as a wager for the game against Eastern Union. The game was lost in Volume 8 and the state is currently controlled by the Commonwealth of Elkia. 『 』 granted Flügels the rights to acquire all books under the condition of providing them copies of the original.

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