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The Tale Of The Arrogant Princess was an old fairy tale passed in Disboard. Despite being an unreal tale in nature, Laira, the not-yet-to-be-Queen of Seiren, has sealed herself in frozen sleep in order to seek the "True Love" depicted at the end of the story 800 years before Kuhaku were summon by Tet. Putting both Seiren and Dhampir's survival at sake.

Story Edit

In a land somewhere... there was a beautiful princess. She had golden hair as shiny as the moon, bright eyes that dwarf stars, beautiful voice that shamed birds . Her beauty was spread across 7 continents. Men around the world came for her hand in engagement. She said: "I will give my love to the man who can give me the greatest gift in world." Then, many men came with eye-dropping gifts; treasures left unmentioned, even hundreds of yards of land, thousands of castles and millions of slaves are not satisfying for the princess: "I desire something more beautiful, more elegant." And then, more men come with unmatched treasure; not to mention pledges of love that were never seen before, even the one and only holy item was brought before her knees. However, the princess remain unsatisfied; nothing could compare to her beauty, nothing was more valuable than what she already have, nothing is rare enough to make her surprised. Still, the princess said: "Tho, come to me with something more beautiful." ——then, one day, a man come before the princess, the prince was different like no one before, so young, so strong, but with unconvincing clothes. He gave out a "treasure", which was so rare that the princess confessed her love. That is...

Ending Edit

According to the copy of Steph's grandfather, the princess had been presented with a knife, followed by a swift death at the hand of the "prince". The unnamed prince, who was in fact an assassin, had brought an end to her endless desire.

Realizing her murderer never loved her, the princess found satisfaction from the death itself and pledged her love to the assassin, with the story remarked that the princess' desire had became her doom.

Laira, who suffers the same condition, has become obsessed with a man who wasn't charmed by her spirit and began her own quest for love 800 years ago.

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