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The Red Moon is one of the moons surrounding Disboard. It's unknown whether or not it has an alternate name. Currently Lunamana is the only race inhabiting it, and lay on the other "dark" side of the moon in a metropolis. An Old Deus also inhabits The Red Moon, but remains unnamed with little else being known about it.


The Red Moon is wrought with craters and is completely devoid of air and spirits (visible side). Taking a step would cause you to bounce, and despite its appearance, its made entirely of red sand. Sora suspects the sand is the culmination of many different materials, but no one is able to identify what they may be. Sora does suspect its so destroyed from misfires and fallout due to The Great War. It orbits approximately three kilometers per second, and is exactly 190,000 kilometers away from Disboard.

The dark side of the planet is actually the only part that is inhabited, the visible portion that faces the planet is unable to be claimed by any race. The sun only shines for a short time on the moon in a month. While its true size is unknown, the outwards perspective we are able to see in Episode 12 allows us to conclude its roughly 1/9 the size of Disboard. From the moon, Disboard is not actually round or blue, and the chess pieces that reside on the planet are distorted. It orbits Disboard, but also has the a small planet orbit itself, called The Green Dwarf.

The dark side of the moon is rumored to be comprised of lush greenery, bountiful amounts of spirits, and plentiful air.


The moon was created before The Great War specifically for the Lunamana by most of the Old Deus. They had very little involvement in The Great War, though it is unknown why. Artosh ties the Phantasma Avant Heim with the moon to rise and gain extra magical ability, but also weeps whenever the Red Moon is at its peak.

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