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The Green Dwarf is an unknown planet that very closely orbits The Red Moon. It is currently known wether or not it is a gas planet or merely has several storms upon the planet. Those that govern over it are unknown. Those that overlook its borders are also unknown, however the Old Deus, Phantasma, Elementals, and Lunamana are all heavily connected to The Red Moon, and due to its proximity, may also have a connection to The Green Dwarf.

The Green Dwarf's history during The Great War is unknown, however, since The Red Moon and Lunamana largely remain away from the war, its possibly it remains untouched and intact.


  • Despite being extraordinarily close to Disboard, The Green Dwarf actually orbits The Red Moon
  • When the planet orbits The Red Moon, it often will cast an odd shadow and will weaken spiritual energy, but strengthen magical rites.
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