The Council of 18 Wings (十八翼議会, jū hachi tsubasa gikai) is, as the name implies, a council of nine Flügel who are the political power of the entire race after the demise of their creator and ruler. The name implies pairs of wings possessed by the nine councilors, but more importantly, in reference to Artosh's eighteen wings. All vital decisions including the Flugel Piece's possession and approaches to other races must be convened with the council.

Background Edit

One notable congress oversaw the approval of the Archival Common Property Act under 5-to-4 votes, which removes each Flugel's private ownerships of books on Avant Heim from Ten Pledges. This would result in opposing councilor Jibril's self-imposed exile and occupation of National Library of Elchea in Elchea City, and later, her servitude to Kuhaku. Raphael is known to be a strategist, but otherwise, her particular role on the council is unknown.

Council Members Edit

Name Status Image
Azriel (アズリール) Active Azriel Light Novel
Raphael (楽夫明英琉) Active Raphael profile
Jibril (ジブリール) Exiled Jibril profile
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