The 179 Ghosts (百七十九の幽霊, hyaku nana-ju kyu no yūrei) with a single member being referred to as a Ghost (幽霊, yūrei), is the final group of Imanity that helped sway the information to end The Great War.

All Ghost's abandon their given names and follow the Six Pledges. This also means that all of Imanity had a total of 179 people turned Ghosts. They referred to themselves as nothing more than a "Ghost" to all other races, and was most prominent when Riku baited Shinku Nirvalen by stating he was nothing more than a Ghost and because he was such, he'll win. There is no one distinct leader, but the chain of command does alter from person to person. Riku is however often regarded as the General to several Ghosts. Those that had moments of command are: Corone Dola, Riku Dola, Shuvi Dola, and Lily (temporarily).

While the 179 Ghost's combine Ex-Machina Shuvi, Nonna Zell, Lily, and Corone Dola, most of the Ghost's are male. Most appear to be at least 16 leading into the possible 30 years of age.

Due to the efforts of the 179 Ghost's, they were able to end the Great War and ended up creating the largest nation called Elchea. This was shortly after the Ten Pledges were created as law upon the birth of Disboard by the one true god Tet. Over time, however, the other races adjusted or migrated into territory won by Imanity, slowly shrinking the land under Imanity's rule.

Known Members Edit

Name Status Image
Riku Dola (リク・ドーラ, Riku Doura) Deceased Riku Cover
Schwi (シュヴィ, Shuvi) Deceased Ngnl v6 illust (7)
Aley (アレイ, arei) Deceased Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 4.06.32 PM
Couronne Dola (コローネ・ドーラ, Koroune Doura) Deceased Ngnl v6 illust (13)
Lily Deceased Lily
Ivan Zell (イワン・ツェル, iwan tseru) Deceased Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 3.41.05 PM

Trivia Edit

  • In the English-western translation of Volume 6, the number was changed to 177 Ghosts.
  • Before the Ghosts, Riku made 48 Sacrifices in order for humanity to live. They died along with them, thus the reason for calling themselves Ghosts.

Gallery Edit

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