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The Temple of the Shrine Priestess (巫社(みやしろ), miyashiro) is a historic and sacred place to all of Werebeast kind, with few being allowed to enter, but still viewable. It is located within Kannagari City as its centerpiece. Miko is the current Shrine Priestess who prays to Horou that resided within her.


It has a traditional Chinese and Japanese mixed architectural design of mid-Heian period and during the 12th century. But varies depending on culture. Sora, Shiro, Stephanie Dola, Izuna, Ino, Jibril, and Miko all gathered here to discuss the loss of the Werebeast.


This is also the location of the coin toss game between Miko and 『 』. Due to its close proximity to The Red Moon, it receives many of the benefits when the moon is full.


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