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Teleportation is a spell used by the Flugels, most notably, Jibril.

This spell allows the caster to teleport to anywhere they can see or anywhere they've been. They are also able to teleport others who make direct physical contact with them or any item of clothing they are wearing. It was shown to be able to travel for more than 190,000km in one cast, when Jibril teleported Sora and Shiro to the Red Moon. Jibril could even teleport a large quantity of air along, as shown during Volume 4 and Volume 9.

The spell functions by warping space-time. The same principle could also be used offensively, as seen when Azril used it to crush dozens of Ex-Machina during their invasion of Avant Heim. However, this also resulted in the Ex-Machina duplicating the skill for their own use, in the form of Lösen: Shurapokryphen. The Ex-Machina race has since been utilizing this spell as their primary means of mobility, since it is considerably more powerful than their original dimension shifting skill, which could only travel for 100km at most.


  • When this spell is used for long distance travel, the space-time warping process generates significant ultrasound noise, which could cause great discomfort for Werebeasts.
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