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This is the game 『 』played against Azriel and the Flügels when they requested their help in finding information about the Seiren's game. Plum helped 『 』 by providing them the ability to fly.


  • 『 』wins if they're able to escape for 1 hour without getting caught.
  • Out of all Flügels participating in the game, there are 46 Flügels who each have a Katakana syllable somewhere on their body. After tagging a Flügel in that spot, they are able to obtain their syllable. Syllables can be combined into words and materialize according to 『 』's will.
  • The Flügels are not allowed to use their teleportation.
  • 『 』 are to hold hands throughout the game and each of them will get 1 wing.
  • The terrain of Avant Heim shall be morphed into which 『 』 could move around freely.
  • The game shall start 5 minutes after 『 』's departure, allowing them to familiarize with their wings.

Words Formed[]

  • Hole (アナ, Ana)
  • No Trespassing (トオサヌ, Toosanu)
  • Accelerate (力ソク, Kasoku)
  • Reverse (マワス, Mawasu)
  • Steam (ユゲ, Yuge)
  • Nude (, Ra)
  • Breast Grope (ムネモメ, Mune Mone)
  • Field Cannon (ヤホウ, Yahou)
  • Cleave (セツダン, Setsudan)
  • Mini (ミ二, Mini)
  • Pass Through (へル, Heru)
  • Blood (, Chi)
  • Light (, Hi)
  • Continue to live with restraint (縛りプレエデこの世を生きろ(シバリ·プレ·エデ·コノ·ヨ·ヲ·イキロ), Shibari Pure Ede Kono Yo Wo Ikiro)

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