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Stephanie Dola's Maids are the maids that serve the kingdom of Elchea. They are loyal to the kingdom and shows a good amount of affection towards Stephanie Dola as she was the former Princess of Elchea. They are more likely in their early 40s to their late 50s. One of them is the chief maid, and the other maid is her subordinate.


The maids shown so far are two people with different hair color: one has purple and the other has light blue. They also have distinct eye color, one has chartreuse, the other has light blue. The maids are seen with many scrapes and scratches, indicating their hard work. They are seen having with light wrinkles indicating that they are middle-aged or older. They have typical light skin and are seen wearing gloves, probably part of their maid uniform.


They both care for Stephanie Dola and worry over her mentality after she started repeatedly banging her head when commanded to fall in love with Sora. They are also diligent in their work, as they are seen frantically adding firewood to the bath heater,[1] and they asked their master why she had not requested for the maids to prepare the cookies and tea instead of doing it herself.


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