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The Stalemartyr (真典・星殺し(ステイル・マーター), Suteiru Mātā), also known as True Epigraphy: Planet Killer (真典・星殺し, Shinden Hoshigoroshi) is a weapon created by Ex-Machina using the Lösen algorithm, to fulfill Riku and Schwi's wish to end the war. It was designed to pierce the planet core and force the Suniaster to materialize.


The Stalemartyr is described to be a tower that looks like a gigantic gun pointing towards the ground. In the movie, it was depicted as a giant female Ex-Machina body without head, having large crescent moon-like structure on top installed with multiple blue-colored shiny wing-like structures. Its interior was decorated with numerous floating spikes, with a platform holding a firing pin shaped like a king chess piece in the center.


During the final act of The Great War, Riku and Co. redirected the energy generated from all races firing their ultimate weapons into hordes of Ex-Machina, with the intent to duplicate it. Utilizing the data collected by sacrificing 4802 units, the Stalemartyr was created with 72.8% output of 18 Aka Si Anse, 12 E-Bombs, 8 Far Cry's and the God's Strike combined.

After the Ex-Machina defeated Artosh, Riku fired the weapon into the planet's core. As the Suniaster manifested, the backflow of energy disintegrated the weapon along with Riku.


  • The name "Stalemartyr" is derived from "Stalemate" and "Martyr". "Stalemate" signifies the fact that Riku is forcing a stalemate in his "game", whereas "Martyr" is referring to those who sacrificed for the cause.


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