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The Spirit-Breaking Rites (靈壞術式, Reikai Jutsushi), also known as the "Protections", are a series of powerful spells created by Think Nirvalen in conjunction with the Elf organization Akasha (albeit not all), utilizing the divine essence of the God of Forest, Kainas. They act as the critical part of her plan to defeat Lóni Drauvnir and end the war. A total of 5 spells are created, namely:

  • Áka Si Anse (虛空第零加護(アーカ・シ・アンセ), Void Zero Protection): A spell of mass destruction rivaling the E-Bomb and Heavenly Smite.
  • Va Yu Anse (一動第一加護(ヴァー・ユ・アンセ), Single-Action Protection): Teleports a massive object to a designated location.
  • Ja La Anse (不動第二加護(ジアー・ラ・アンセ), Immovable Second Protection): Disrupts the flow of spirits and disables the use of all magic within an area.
  • Ag Ni Anse (終天第三加護(アグ・ニ・アンセ), Everlasting Third Protection): A lotus-shaped prison that disintegrates all spirits enclosed within. Intended to be the finishing move against Lóni.
  • Kú Li Anse (久遠第四加護(クー・リ・アンセ), Eternal Fourth Protection): The highest level of sealing spell that creates a barrier around the user. Capable of withstanding a point-blank E-bomb explosion and a Heavenly Smite.


After her defeat in the hands of Lóni Drauvnir, Think Nirvalen faked her death, made Nina Clive the new Grand Magus and dedicated all her efforts into developing new weaponized spells, while manipulating things behind the scene. The result of her work was 4 Spirit-Breaking Rites.

As the Dwarven fleet led by Lóni invaded the Elven capital Melriune, Think activated Va Yu Anse, Ja La Anse and Ag Ni Anse, disabling Lóni and his fleet. Just when she's about to finish Lóni using Ag Ni Anse, a downed and angered Jibril threw a huge wrench into her plan by obliterating the entire capital with her Heavenly Smite, along with the dwarven fleet.

Think and Nina fled to the new capital Melvolle after the disaster. To prevent the same thing from happening again, Think developed the Kú Li Anse.


  • The names of these Spirit-Breaking Rites originate from the Pancha Bhoota Indian cosmology system of the elements.
    • A Ka Sha (आकाश) - Space
    • Va Yu (वायु) - Air/Wind
    • Ja La (अप) - Water
    • Ag Ni (अग्नि) - Fire
    • Ku Li (Bhumi, भूमि) - Earth

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