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The Six Pledges (六の盟約, roku no meiyaku) are a set of rules created by Riku bestowed upon the group entitled the "Ghosts" working behind the scenes to end the Great War once and for all. These rules according to Riku are the conditions for humanity's victory. The Six Pledges gave birth to "Aschento" to which Riku pledges instead of "Aschete".


  1. You must not kill, the heart does not wish for murder.
  2. You must not let anyone die, the heart does not want anyone to die.
  3. You must not let anyone discover you, if we are discovered we are dead.
  4. No tactic is off limits, not even a sly trick should be considered dirty.
  5. Those guys' rules mean nothing to us, the heart doesn't give two shits about their bloody contest.
  6. Break any of these rules and you lose. The heart gains nothing from a victory where violence is a principle.

  1. 【一つ】誰も殺してはならない
  2. 【二つ】誰も死なせてはならない
  3. 【三つ】誰にも悟られてはならない
  4. 【四つ】如何なる手も不正ではない
  5. 【五つ】奴らのルールなど知ったことではない
  6. 【六つ】上記に違反する一切は、敗北とする

  1. [Hitotsu] Dare mo koroshite wa naranai
  2. [Futatsu] Dare mo shinasete wa naranai
  3. [Mittsu] Dare ni mo satorarete wa naranai
  4. [Yottsu] Ikanaru te mo fusei dewa nai
  5. [Itsutsu] Yatsu-ra no rūru nado shitta koto dewa nai
  6. [Muttsu] Jōki ni ihan-suru issai wa haiboku to suru