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Rule Number 10 (収束法(ルール・ナンバー・10), Rūru Nanbā 10) is the twelfth and final episode of the No Game No Life (Series) anime series. It first aired in Japan on June 25, 2014 on AT-X, and later on June 27, 2014 on other networks.

Plot summary[]

Sora and Shiro are cornered by Izuna's full power, but just when she thinks she has finally won, she falls into their ultimate trap and is defeated by none other than Stephanie. Thus Imanity wins the game. Some time later, the siblings are summoned by the leader of the Werebeasts, the "Shrine Maiden" Miko, who wants a rematch against them, just to be convinced to join their side instead and establish the Elchea Federation by merging the Imanity and Werebeast territories into a single nation. While making preparations for their next battles, Sora and Shiro renew their conviction to unite all the races of Disboard under their rule, and one day challenge Tet for the title of "One True God". But before they set off, Sora uses Miko as a connection between them and the Old Deus, the number 1 ranked Exceed, to tell them the game is on.


The following characters are listed by the order which they appear in.

Major characters[]

Minor characters[]

Non-speaking roles


  1. Izuna is defeated.
  2. Sora and Shiro are challenged by Miko.
  3. The game chosen is a coin toss.
  4. Sora intentionally causes a draw.
  5. The Eastern Federation joins with Elchea and the Elchean Federation is created.
  6. The shrine priestess summons The Old Deus.

Key differences from light novel[]

  1. During the bath scene in the LN, Miko was not present.
  2. In the LN, Sora mentions that Feel's memories were altered only after Miko accepted that both of them would win but in the anime Sora mentions this before conclusion is reached
  3. In the LN, Sora says that Avant Heim only came because Jibril asked them to and that they had no malicious intents but this was left unanswered in the anime.
  4. The last scene where an Old Deus is, is adapted from the very end of Volume 6 instead of Light Novel Volume 3 like most of the other part of the episode.