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The Rite of Restoration is a process used primarily by the Flügels. It is a ritual to restore their lost Elementals after using a Heavenly Smite at full power or after being critically injured. This rite is activated within a chamber for the designated recipient of the treatment to rest until it is complete. It may take up to 5 years to recover from a Heavenly Smite, due to it burning up the spirits in their bodies, often producing Black Ash. Without using the ritual, it will take 10 times as long, up to 50 years to recover.


The Flügel seems to be in the center of a large circle in which designs are similar to the "halos" the Flugels have. The rite is pink and all magic goes to the Flügel, but will depend on the number of recipients.


Since Flügels are constantly fighting, a method to restore them quickly is necessary. Throughout the Flügel’s history, this ritual has always been playing crucial part in Artosh's conquest. It is assumed that the ritual is hardly used since the establishment of the Ten Covenants, since they have practically no chance to be injured or exhausted due to the ban on violence.


  • Rafil was injured so badly in a god-slaying campaign that her injuries could not even be restored with the ritual, neither the mending capabilities Artosh possesses.
  • Out of 245 campaigns that Jibril participated in, 116 of them had her injured/exhausted enough to warrant the use of the ritual, according to Azril. This is rather strange, considering the fact that Jibril is 6407 years old and the Great War ended 6200 years ago (according to Ex-Machina). If each ritual takes 5 years to complete, it would've taken 580 years just to perform the ritual.
  • Jibril spent 10 years to recover in the ritual after defeating the White Dragon Lieschengerth, in which she was unconscious for 4 years. This is the longest known recuperation using the ritual by far.

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