Raphael (楽夫明英琉, Rafaeru) is the fourth unit of Flugel, and a sister figure of Jibril. While never stated, she does hold some great influence over other Flügel and their forces, the Phantasma Avant Heim, and even power equal to or over Jibril and Azriel in the political sense. Due to this, its a possibility she is upon the Council of 18 Wings.

Appearance Edit

She has aquamarine colored hair, a dark purple bra with dark purple undergarments, similar gloves in design to Jibril's with only difference being all dark purple with no other colors, and matching high heel toned boots, in addition she also only has one wing compared to the rest of the flugel who have two. She also shares similarities to Jibril that being her necklace is the same, her lower garments that flow along with the wind, and the same knee-high leggings that are light purple on both legs.

Personality Edit

Raphel is portrayed as someone who is easily annoyed, but continues to have a calm demeanor. She has a tactical mind and shows at least some enjoyment in punishing Azriel.

Strengths Edit

Mind well equipped for strategy. Able to cast Heaven's Strike.

Weaknesses Edit

Without her magical abilities, she would face the same physical limitations that would occur the same with any of her kind. She also is one wing short and it possibly might slow down her physical abilities.

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