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Psychological Empty Space is a spell the Dhampir are able to cast, especially Plum, that can make it impossible for someone to notice you. The magic folds the eyes and brain into multiple layers, essentially bending the perception of reality for anyone and moving into a folded pocket space within a certain area. It also creates a space that prevents anyone from entering. This can be done anywhere on Disboard as it does not infringe on peoples property rights. 

Previously, before the sickness and Spirit Medicine that caused everyone to be horny for Izuna, Plum had been living in this specific space in a corner of the Elchea Royale Castle for several months. Hoping to gain an upper-hand and strangle Sora and Shiro while they sleep. This is also how he was able to spy on them in the beginning of Volume 4 at the Temple of the Shrine Priestess and in the Royal Castle's basement room. 

Plum states that how they are able to remain completely concealed is that its similar to a decoy trick. Everyone see the top of a "coin" but never check the bottom to see if its the same as the front. Casting the spell to open the space, or to close it takes up soul essence, but being inside it does not.

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