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Oracle Card is a game primarily used between Elves. Essentially, it is a card game used by Elves in order to duel with each other. Fiel and Chlammy played 4 rounds against Ron Barthel during the events in Volume 5.


  • Each player starts with the same set of cards, the 22 Major Arcana from a tarot deck;
  • Each turn a player chooses two cards and puts it face down on the table;
  • Both players reveal their chosen cards at the same time, and if there's a combination between the chosen cards in scrolls(the two cards of player A will combine in a scroll, same goes for player B).
  • Each scroll will be "used" against the other player, and each player has to defend himself.
  • After 11 turns (all cards have been played) the players choose to keep going or resign.
  • If there's no resignation, the player that can no longer continue due to "injury" will be the loser.


  • Strength & Chariot - Knight of Honor
    • Summons a Knight in full armor
  • The Fool & The Lovers - Falling Down
    • Summons a half-nude maiden
  • The Moon & High Priestess - Double Shadow
    • Dodges the Opponent's Attacks and spins them against the prosecutor
  • Justice & Emperor - I am the rulebook
    • Presses through regardless of any status effects

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