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The Old Deus (神霊種(オールドデウス), Ōrudo Deusu) are the first ranked race of the Ixseed. They consist of the old gods who lost their status after the Great War, where Tet obtained the Suniaster and became the One True God. They are created and sustained by sentiments, concepts, desires and belief in their existence. For instance, Tet was created by Riku Dola's imagination and represents the concept of play, while Artosh's creation was driven by people's desire for war. As such, if the people lose belief in them, then it is possible for an Old Deus to die. For example, Artosh vanished from existence after Tet imposed the Ten Covenants and brought an end to all wars.


It has been remarked by Tet and the Shrine Maiden that while Old Deus can assume various avatar forms that resembles the lesser races such as Elf to Immanity, their true essence exists in the form of Ether. For instance, Holou's ether took the form of quill pen and ink bottle, while Ocain's become the great forge of Hardenfell.

The avatar's appearance can either be similar to a giant like Artosh, or the height of a regular human. They mainly have a very diverse appearance unique to themselves and may be very colorful.



Belief: As gods, their power and existence both depend heavily on belief in the concept they represent. As an example, during the Great War, all the bloodlust and violence going on at the time made Artosh the strong member of the Old Deus and enhanced his strength to such a degree that he could easily match the other gods in might, as stated in Light Novel Volume 6.

Immortality: As gods, the Old Deus are immortal and cannot be killed by natural causes.

Avatar Form: Old Deus can assume various forms to serve as their avatars beside their ethers, which Holou stated as it being little more than puppet body. While they usually assume forms in their preferences, they are perfectly capable to assume certain individual's appearances, voice and even memories, as Holou assumed the form and voice of Sora during their brief talk on the red moon.

Absolute Power: Jibril has stated once that even if 200 Flügel were to band together, creatures who were created to kill the Old Deus, they would have an incredibly high chance of losing even against one.

Creations: Perhaps the greatest strength of Old Deus is the power to create an entire race, the majority of the 16 races created by gods in their labors. Holou, a goddess who powers were hugely confined, was able to create a perfect clone of Stephanie Dola and programmed the clone to do her bidding.

The power of an Old Deus's creation is dependent on the power of the Old Deus. As stated by Azril, Old Deus Artosh's creation of the closing number of Flügel was said to rival the power of even dragons; as shown by Jibril's killing of a Dragonia single handily. It can be assumed by this conversation that the power of a creation is dependent the power of the Old Deus and the number of creations he/she makes. For instance, since Jibril was created during the height of Artosh's power, she was single handily stronger than all previous Flügel and her power rivaled even that of a Dragonia. This also means that the weaker the Old Deus, the weaker the creation.


Ether: The only way Old Deus can be killed is if their Ether is affected in some sort of way. Their physical appearances are merely avatars they choose to show to other species and their true essence is in the form of something else. The Old Deus themselves are able to kill themselves due to their Ether as shown with Holou if she had not been saved by the Shrine Maiden.

Spirit Circuits: The Old Deus were all born of Spirit Circuits therefore their power depends on them. When all Spirit Circuits were gone, all the Old Deus lost their power for a moment.

Belief: While it is their main source of strength, it is also their greatest weakness. An example shown would be Holou, she had absolutely no belief to the point of even wanting to scoop out her ether.


The Old Deus were the ones who launched The Great War to fight over the title of the One True God, using their creations as weapons, such as the Flügel, to kill other gods. The gods eventually lost their will to continue warring as they died needlessly without enjoying their lives.[1] Tet emerged above the Old Deus as he was the only god who had abstained from the war, and became the One True God.

Form of Government

The Old Deus have no form of government as even after they lost to Tet and ascended to the status of an Old Deus, they never banded together and some co-existed with their creations and others went missing. In fact, a representative was never even announced until Sora and Shiro told Holou to act as their representative.

List of Known Old Deus

Name Title Creation Ether Avatar
Artosh (戦神(アルトシュ), Arutoshu) God of War Flügel The Flugels and Artosh.jpg
Ocain (鍛神(オーケイン), Ōkein) God of Forge Dwarf Forge
Kainas (森神(カイナース), Kaināsu) God of Forest Elf
Tet (テト, Teto) God of Play/One True God Suniaster Ngnl v6 illust (2).jpg
Holou (帆楼, Horō) God of Doubt and Trust/Representative Ex Machina Quill Pen & Ink Bottle Holou.jpg

One of the Old Deus uses an arrogant and ornate speech style by stating "Question" before proceeding when conversing with Tet.[2][3] He was described as an imperfect presence with limited powers.


  • Deus (Latin pronunciation: [ˈdeːʊs]) is Latin for "god" or "deity".
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