Okein (鍛神(オーケイン), Ōkein) or Ocain, also known as God of Forge is an Old Deus responsible for the creation of the Dwarf race. After the Ten Pledges, it has been "living" in commensalism with Dwarf in the form of "The great Forge Of Okein". In fact, Okein also assumes the form of an old man who apparently is recognized by Vig as "Grand-dad".

Appearance Edit

Okein takes the avatar of an old man to guide Veig and occasionally tease him in his fails of romance. His true ether is the great forge of Harden Fell, said to be able to melt any material there is.

Personality Edit

During his reign as "God" and ruler of Dwarves, Okein has embraced the concept of forging and spread his belief to his creation, resulting in the latter's zealous approach to their craft and living code. This draws the distaste of both Sora and Fiel for the "over-simplicity" of thought.

However, Okein has demonstrated a more rational and wiser persona as 'Grand-dad', showing hospitality by hosting Kuhaku with his Spirit Ales. He seems to be very parent-like as he cares for the drunken Vig as his "son", despite teasing his fail in romance. He seems to see himself as a foolish person as he proclaims he is a "clown who only knows effort."

Background Edit

Okein is one of the many gods who started the Great War against each other for the Star Cup and its power to recreate the world before the prize was claimed by Tet, creating the Dwarf race in the process. Unlike Kanias, a rival god who has been forsaken by his creation, Okein continues to stand amongst Dwarf in the form of Great Forge. Dubbed as "Okein's Fire" by Jibril, it was said to be able to melt every material in the world for reforging and being the power source of Harden Fell itself. Ymirein remarks that with the near-impossible chance of dominating the god of forge himself, only Dwarves are able to access the Fire's might.

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