Oceando is the homeland of the Dhampir and the Seiren. Just as it's name implies, it is situated somewhere in the bottom of the ocean. Due to this, it doesn't carry out trade with any other nation, instead becoming a self providing nation. The sun does not reach Oceando so instead they utilize glowing seaweed and jellyfish as a source of light.

Appearance Edit

It is a huge and wide city, with buildings built from stones from the bottom of the sea. The walls of the buildings give off a pearly glow, having shells and corals embedded in them like bricks. Some buildings have complex formations and have a reverse cone-shape. The streets have streetlights, the light being provided by jellyfish and glowing seaweed.

Trivia Edit

The name "Oceando" is combined of "Ocean" and "Do", the latter can be pronounced as "to"(都), which means "capital".