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No Radio No Life (Subtitle: The Gamer Siblings Seem To Be Putting On A Radio Show) is the web radio show associated with the "No Game No Life" anime, hosted by the seiyuu for Sora (Matsuoka Yoshitsugu) and Shiro (Kayano Ai). It originally broadcasted every Tuesday on HiBiKi Radio Station from the eighth of April to the eighth of July in 2014, for a total of 14 episodes, in parallel with the anime episodes. Following the anime's conclusion, "No Radio No Life" was subsequently revived on a fortnightly schedule for another 12 episodes from 29 July to December 30. It won the "Best Radio Show" and "Show You'd Like To See Revived" awards at the First AniRaji Awards in March 2015, and a special celebratory episode was released after.

The show then went on an indefinite hiatus but was revived in March 2017 in order to generate publicity for the "No Game No Life: Zero" movie. A total of 5 episodes were recorded.

CD Track Listing

  • Vol. 1 contains Episodes 1-7 and a bonus episode
  • Vol. 2 contains Episodes 8-14 and the live event with Iguchi Yuka
  • Vol. 3 contains Episodes 15-26 and a DVD with bonus video footage

Episode Structure

Each episode is about 35–40 minutes.
Opening Game: Matsuoka and Kayano play a game, and the loser has to perform a penalty game (determined by the radio staff) in the course of the episode.

Letters Section: The hosts answer letters written in by listeners and chit-chat about whatever comes to mind.

The Programme for Overcoming Communication Disorders ("Komyusho", コミュ症): Since Sora and Shiro have huge problems in communicating with other people, Matsuoka and Kayano roleplay listener-submitted scenarios in order to figure out how to interact with others in a normal social setting. The segment Matsuoka dreads the most.

Our Ten Pledges (Ep 1-14): In order to come up with the radio show's version of the Ten Pledges from "No Game No Life", Matsuoka and Kayano select user-submitted suggestions for rules.

The Elchea Federation Seeks Ministers! (Ep 15-26): Users nominate themselves for a position in the Elchean government based on their... "unique" talents.

[BLANK], Two-as-One: Matsuoka and Kayano answer a series of 5 listener-submitted questions and try to get their answers to match. (A reference to Sora and Shiro's combined identity / username.)

No Information No Life: Updates on upcoming sales, events, promotions and etc.

Closing notes / remarks.