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The Nirvalen Mansion is a private estate owned by the esteemed Nirvalen family. It is located on the outskirts of the current elvish capital Melvolle. The Nirvalen estate is very large, spanning an entire forest. The buildings themselves are formed of trees interweaving with dark blue mushroom-like structures. The Nirvalen private gardens surround the estate with a huge pool of pure spirit water and luxurious items adorning the mansion's gardens and interior alike. The Nirvalen family owns the Harp of Golden Dragon Bone, a priceless heirloom acquired in exchange of an entire city.

The interior is seen in No Game No Life Zero with the lower floors being situated in a large pool of spirit water with mushrooms protruding from the liquid. A lotus like chair sits at the far end of the room on a "floor" composed of a Magic Rite surrounded by mushrooms of all shapes and sizes.

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