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Materialization Shiritori (具象化しりとり, gushō ka shiritori) is (generally) the only game that the Flügel play when challenged. It utilizes a floating, glowing light-blue crystal that will translate the words of the players into the magic needed to materialize or remove the object stated. It was used in the sixth episode, in a match between the siblings and Jibril, and also later as a component of the match of 'Memory Stealing Othello' between Sora and Chlammy Zell.


Similar to the normal Shiritori rules, each player takes turns to give a noun which does not end with N. The last character of the previous word said must be the first character of the next word to be said. Things that are present will disappear, and things that are not present will materialize. Players cannot cause the direct death of each other by stating the vital components of the body. The noun stated must be a non-imaginary word. Sora noted that words which are non-imaginary but the opponent does not know of can also be used.

The conditions for losing are:[1]

  1. Using a word that has already been said
  2. Being unable to answer within 30 seconds
  3. Being unable to continue

In addition, when a word is stated, the effect is based on the meaning intended by the player who stated it. For instance, if [Meat] was stated and Sora was thinking of a sexy blonde woman, the latter will appear.[2] In the game played between the siblings and Jibril, when Sora states [Mantle], which can mean either a loose sleeveless cloak or the term referring to a portion of the interior of the Earth, the latter disappears.


The words used in the match between the siblings and Jibril are listed below. Most of the words used in this match in the anime and light novel are the same.

English Japanese
H-Bomb Suibaku
Bú Li Anses Li Anse
Spirit Column Seireikairou (Spirit Corridors)
Nag Uma (Horse)
Gash Ma*ko (P*ssy)
Break in game play
Beach Biichi
Headlights Chikubi (Nipples)
String bikinis Bikini
Saddlebags Nimotsu (Baggage)
Squall Tsumuji (Dust Devil)
Ladies' clothes Joseifuku (Ladies' Wear)
Shamrock Kuroobaa (Clover)
Break in game play
Mantle Mantoru
Echo Ruiaaga (Giant Moth)
Outer core Gaikaku
Ergonomic timepiece Kurokku (Clock)
Entities Kuriichaa (Creature)
Sandal Akari (Lamp)
Lithosphere Risosufia
Eve Asa (Morning)
Eighth element Sanso (Oxygen)
Tetratonon Sonata
Natura Tane-ue (Seed Planter)
Aria Ea (Air)
Atmosphere Atomosufea
Erratic Anjaku (Feebleminded)
Coulomb Force Kuuronryoku

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  1. Light Novel Volume 2: Chapter 2, Part 4
  2. Light Novel Volume 2: Afterwords
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