The Lunamana (月詠種(ルナマナ), Runamana) are the 13th ranked race of the Exceed. As stated in Light Novel Volume 5 Chapter 4, they reside on dark side of The Red Moon. So far, not much is known about them.

According to the first episode depiction of the ending of the Great War. A backdrop of the races can be seen during the explanation of Tet's words, where it displays countless races that would become the Exceed. The backdrop shows Exceed ranging from the fairies, gigants, imanity, flugel and etc. However, one of them was shown that doesn't resemble all the others, and that one took the figure of a centaur. Therefore, there is a great possibility that the Lunamanas are a sentient being similiar to a Centaur.

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Depiction of the races (Gigant, Sirens, Fairies, and Lunamana)

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