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The Little Beast Cafe was a temporary cafe started by Stephanie Dola and Izuna Hatsuse after gaining a book from Jibril about the many deserts from Sora and Shiro's old world. After gaining all the necessary ingredients through trade and diplomatic games, Steph was able to gain all the ingredients and used the cafe as a trap to win over Chlammy Zell and Fiel Nirvalen. Even cosplaying as a maid and chef to get them to feel comfortable. Lying to them and using the sweets as "manipulation", her and Izuna were able to force Fiel over to their side and used her magic to create even greater sweets.

Due to Sora and Shiro bringing a scale to women, stating "all dreams are short lived" implying they have all gained weight, they all scream and return to the castle. Ino Hatsuse remarks that the cafe was highly expensive for personal expenditures even for a princess. However, they had the necessary materials to create an entire production line, possibly for the nobility. Despite this, they discontinued the cafe to stop from getting fat.

Their "menu" (list of items they planned on making) were as follows:

  • Cream Doughnuts
  • Chocolate Chip Ice-cream
  • Strawberry Sundaes
  • Cheesecake (varying types)
  • Kadzu Mochi
  • Alchohol sweets
  • Cake

Despite the immense demand of sugar, the lack of sugar cane forced the Little Beast Cafe to be discontinued as there was "simply not enough sugar cane in the world" and would take many years before a proper production could occur. A production line for many sweets was planned to try and win over other nations and people unfamiliar with sweets to the Commonwealth of Elkia. It is unknown if further plans are currently active.


  • A long time ago, a chef made Stephanie ice cream, and she has been craving it ever since
  • Chlammy legitimately wanted to move inside the cafe at one point in order to have more sweets
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