No Game No Life 7: Looks Like the Gamer Siblings are Changing Everything (ノーゲーム・ノーライフ 7ゲーマー兄妹は定石を覆すそうです) is the seventh novel of the No Game No Life (Series) series, published on July 24, 2015.

Synopsis Edit

Sora's group begins a game with the Old Deus in Miko. In this dice game of betrayal, everybody tries to decieve everyone else. With the number of dice you have being proportional to your age, losing all your dice equates to losing your body, which is equivalent to loss. Even Jibril seems to have turned on Sora and Shiro, and has requested for a game in-game. What will happen to the two?

Chapters Edit

  • Theoretical Start
  • Chapter 1 - Reverse Time Form (Closed Circle)
  • Chapter 2 - Overestimation (Whodunit)
  • Chapter 3 - Mistaken Persuasion (Howdunit)
  • Chapter 4 - Strange Taste (Whydunit)
  • Practical End

New Characters Edit

Illustrations Edit

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