No Game No Life (Series) 3 A Half of the Gamer Siblings Seems to Have Disappeared...? (ノーゲーム・ノーライフ3 ゲーマー兄妹の片割れが消えたようですが……?) is the third novel of the No Game No Life (Series) series, published on January 25, 2013.


In the world of Disboard, everything is decided by games. And After rising to reign as the monarchs of the remnants of Disboard's humans, gamer siblings Sora and Shiro have now wagered the fate of every human being alive on the outcome of a game against the Eastern Union! But immediately after making this wager, Sora disappears, leaving only a cryptic message behind. " ", the legendary two-in-one gamer. has been torn asunder! What is Sora thinking? What will Shiro do? What will become of humanity? And what about the paradise of animal girls? In the this volume of the bestselling alternate-world fantasy series, it's a risky showdown against the Werebeasts! [1]

Chapter namesEdit

  • Load Save / データロード
  • Chapter 1: Sky Walk / 解離法≪スカイ・ウオーク≫
  • Chapter 2: Blue Rose / 指向法≪ブルー・ローズ≫
  • Chapter 3: Killing Giant / 誘導法≪キリング・ジャイアント≫
  • Chapter 4: Rule Number 10 / 収束法≪ルール・ナンバー・10≫
  • True Ending / トゥルーエンド

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  1. No Game No Life Volume 3 English Summary
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