Lösen: Enderpokryphen is an ability exclusive to Ex-Machina. It utilizes the parse and emulates the structure of Ex-Machina to re-create a Dragonia's Far Cry, however only at a tenth of its original destructive power. Unlike Dragonia, when Lösen: Enderpokryphen is utilized by Ex-Machina, the user is not only able to live, but also have complete movement afterwards.

Appearance Edit

Taking several seconds to heat up and parse the blast, a Dragonia magical rite is emulated just above the user. This is due to the emulation of Far Cry taking place. After heating up, the user takes a stance to best aim and fires a thin white strip of heat that pushes the user back. Once making contact with the ground, it bundles up in one location to release one final blast that sucks in the foe. This is similar to a vacuum that is meant to crush the target with heat, pressure, and choke them with Black Ash.

Strength Edit

Even Prufer units have this ability as a strict experimental and analytical measure, not a competitive focused intent. Even with its lack of power compared to the original, it is able to severely damage or kill most races of the Exceed.

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