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Lösen (典開(レーセン), Rēsen) is an algorithm used by Ex-Machina to unleash duplicated or created weapons from their arsenal. This is what makes them dreaded opponents, since they could unleash a plethora of deadly weapons from their vast arsenal.


Utilizing their sheer computing power, Ex-Machina are able to analyze and recreate all attacks almost instantly, if they are attacked by it themselves. From there, they are able to emulate the attack, or create new weapons and use onto a target they wish. Although the reproduced duplicates will always be weaker than the original, they don't seem to come with the repercussions of the original version. It is shown that they don't need to sacrifice their own life when using Enderpokryphen and don't regress to child form after using Himmelpokryphen.

Weapons or techniques are activated by inciting Lösen:, followed by their respective name (for example, Lösen: Stehapokryphen). Duplicated techniques are designated XX-pocryphen and written as 偽典 (False Epigraphy), while original creations are given original names and written as 真典 (True Epigraphy).

Known Creations[]

Duplicated Weapons[]

Schwi using Enderpokryphen

  • Lauvapokryphen: Recreation of an Elven attack spell, which cuts the enemies with multiple air blades. In the novel, Schwi shredded Riku's clothes with this during their first encounter.
  • Stehapokryphen: Recreation of the attack spell from the Elf Development Facility's security system. Used by Schwi to escape the facility in the movie.
  • Enderpokryphen: Recreation of Dragonia's Far Cry. Used by Schwi against Jibril, and later by the legion during the invasion of Avant Heim.
  • Himmelpokryphen: Recreation of Flügel's Heaven Strike. Used en masse to bait all forces into unleashing their ultimate arsenals.
  • Shurapokryphen: Recreation of Flügel's Teleportation. Learned when Azril attacked multiple Ex-Machina by warping space-time, which is the same principle of their teleportation.
  • Eroapokryphen: Recreation of Sora's pornography. Einzig projected all of them into the air for everyone to see.

Original Creations[]

The Stalemartyr

  • Game 001 Chess: Conjure a luminescent chess set to play with. Used to set up the first game between Riku and Schwi.
  • Org.2807 Umweg: Create beacons capable of redirecting energy flow. First seen when Schwi's cluster redirected Aranrave's Far Cry, which resulted in destruction of Riku's village.
  • Kein-Eintrag: Create an energy barrier that block attacks. The smaller the area of protection, the more potent it could be. Used by Schwi to protect her ring during her last moments.
  • Org.0000 Stalemartyr: The "Planet Killer" gun created by analyzing the combined energy from ultimate weapons of all forces, made to pierce the planet's core and summon the Suniaster.
  • Liebe Erfolg Situation Forme: Checkmartyr: Scenarios created to seduce Sora during the events of Volume 9. A total of 10 variants were created.


Main article: Alles-Lösen

The special algorithm used to combat unknown foes. The unit will summon all weapons available in Ex-Machina's arsenal and transform itself into a flying fortress. It is powerful enough that it allowed Schwi, a mere Prüfer unit, to briefly hold her own against Jibril.


  • It appears that the more powerful the original attack is, the more units need to be sacrificed in order to obtain enough data for recreation. The most powerful creation to date, the Stalemartyr, required sacrifices of 4802 units.
  • "Lösen" means "Solve" in German.
  • Outside of combat, the algorithm could also be used to chance the environment via the principle of spatial overwrite. Sora took advantage of this to set the stage for Holou's concert.


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