Their account names are always left empty, so they're only known as "Blank"

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Upon the creation of Disboard, a King Chess Piece or Tet's Home was the location in which he established the 10 Pledges, the Exceed, and the birth of the term Aschente. It was placed over the final colony of the 179 Ghosts, and was where they were given their new name: Imanity.

Tet's Home is also where the Suniastor resides, unable to interact with anything and everything except Tet when commanded. This home is shaped like a King Chess Piece.

The final "goal" of Disboard is to gather all the Race Pieces to play peacefully and challenge Tet at the birth of the planet in order to challenge his right and position as God.

Despite this to be his home, he rarely stays here as he continues to look after Shiro and Sora where he even disguises himself as an Imanitian. Before Blank arrived, he also traveled to different worlds in order to play and challenge their games.

Tet's home doesn't have any protection since destruction is forbidden from the implement of the 10 Pledges, but the Old Deus usually communicates through Tet with a sphere of magic in order to inquire or ask about his actions.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Tet resides alone, playing chess games as both players
  • The chess pieces are colored black and white almost to imply that the chess piece itself is a whole chess board which can be seen on Episode 4 of the series.
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