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Kū Li Anse (久遠第四加護(クー・リ・アンセ), Kū Ri Anse) or Eternal Fourth Protection (久遠第四加護, Kuon daiyon kago) is one of the Spirit-Breaking Rites developed by Think Nirvalen. It was once used by Jibril in Materialization Shiritori. It creates a magical barrier around the users target and protects them from harm. It is stated to be the highest level sealing spell and even protected Sora and Shiro from a point blank hydrogen bomb explosion.

Eternal Fourth Protections, commonly known as Kū Li Anse, is a high-level sealing spell that requires connection to the Spirit Circuits to complete. It seals everything in a complete sphere, even the soil beneath it.

During The Great War, Jibril fired a Heavenly Smite on the Elven capital Mellyrn, where a rite of protection deployed by 3000 elves had failed to block the attack. In light of this, Think Nirvalen composed a greater rite of sealing. Deployed with the blessings of Old Deus Kainas, the spell is strong enough to block a Heavenly Smite, but not enough for a Godly Smite.

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