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The Ja La Anse (不動第二加護(ジアー・ラ・アンセ), Immovable Second Protection) is one of the Spirit-Breaking Rites developed by Think Nirvalen during the Great War. It is a 99-layered rite constructed with Kainas' blessings. According to the gaiden volume, it functions by causing a widespread magical explosion and consume all Elementals within the vicinity, much like a thermobaric bomb depriving oxygen in its range. Since all magic make use of spirits, no magic could be used until the elementals are replenished.


When the Elven capital was invaded by the Dwarven fleet led by Lóni Drauvnil, Think Nirvalen activated the Ja La Anse rite. This caused the Dwarven warships to collapse under their own weight and fall from the sky, while Lóni's Spirit Arms was rendered unusable. However, it also knocked Jibril out of the sky and caused her cast the Heavenly Smite out of anger, obliterating the capital together with the Dwarven fleet.

After the establishment of the Ten Covenants, it is assumed that this spell is no longer useable due to it causing harm on Elementals.


  • Since it is established that Ja La Anse deprives all Elementals and disables all magic in range, it shouldn't be possible for Jibril to cast Heavenly Smite, nor the Elven legion to respond with a defensive rite. Perhaps it's a neglect on the author's part.

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