The Inn of Elkia is where the Inn-keeper works. After defeating the bandits, it is the place Sora and Shiro head to after being transported to Disboard by Tet. Steph and Chlammy's card game for the throne was also conducted here.

Sora's second game upon arriving on Disboard was also played here, playing one game of poker. The scene provided a thorough explanation on Rule 8 of the Ten Pledges that cheating in a game is allowed unless caught by the other party.

This is also Fiel Nilvalen's debut, as she was helping Chlammy cheat in her game against Steph. An introduction to magic, as Shiro could not comprehend how Chlammy was cheating despite several computations therefore someone was helping her cheat through ways they didn't know from Disboard.

They also met Steph afterwards in their room when she complained on how Chlammy was cheating and demanded a reason for it. They got in an argument about her grandfather's ways and ended the dispute in a game where Sora won, letting them gain access to the castle, which is now their current place they stay.

The inn also contains a bar. Sora described the rooms in the inn to resemble those in an RPG.

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