Imanity book

Book of Imanity-go Shiro was reading in Episode 2


Chart of alphabets for Imanity-go

Imanitygo book

Imanity-go in a fancier font


Chlammy's hand of cards in Imanity-go numbers

Imanity-go (人類種語(イマニティご), Imaniti go) or the Imanity language is the language spoken by the Imanity which, orally, is the same as Japanese but different in writing. It first appears in Episode 2. Shiro learned the language in less than twenty minutes, while Sora said he would take about an hour more.

The anime language is described to be almost identical to Japanese, as it is pronounced the same but with different characters for hiragana. Imanity-go in the light novels is different, using Latin grammar and Ancient Chinese syntax.[1] Imanity-go's numbers are in base 6.


  • A video on how to decipher Imanity-go was released by fans. (See here.)
  • While its technically just an alternate way to write kanji, the No Game No Life team created an entire written language just for the few moments that it is displayed in the anime.
  1. Light Novel Volume 1: Chapter 2, Part 3
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