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Heavenly Smite (天撃(てんげき), Tengeki) or Heaven’s Strike is a spell used by the Flügel during The Great War and the most powerful offensive magic for Flügel. It was once cast because Jibril was prevented from flying above Melruine due to the Ja La Anse rite cast by Think Nirvalen, and cast again after deeming Schwi Dola a threat. The God of War Artosh could also cast a much more powerful version by combining his power with all Flügels, dubbed the Godly Smite (神撃(しんげき), Shingeki).


It's depicted to be a sword/lance-like weapon of light made by channeling the spirit circuit's power within a Flügel's body and condenses it into one single, massive blow. During this, all the Elementals in the Flügel's wings resonate and glow. The attack itself is so draining that a Flügel would shrink to child size for years while undergoing recuperation using the Rite of Restoration. It became the only named combat technique amongst the race that represented war itself.

Azril is able to cast a special form of Heavenly Smite which was dubbed as "a move to execute renegade Flügel". It works by enveloping the target in a black pocket dimension and release all power into it, therefore no energy is wasted in focusing the power.


The spell was powerful enough to destroy the former Elven capital Melruine and the Dwarven fleet surrounding it in one hit. In Volume 3 Chapter 1 (8 steps left), it is also mentioned that not even the defensive rite cast by 3,000 Elves could defend against the attack, although they were able to save some buildings, such as the library Riku and Schwi investigated. As a side effect, Jibril lost her powers for 5 years.

Eternal Fourth Protection is the only spell known to be able to defend against a Heavenly Smite.

Godly Smite[]

At the end of The Great War, Artosh proclaimed he was tired of their pursuits and told the beings there no matter how hard they struggled, they were no match for the heavens. As the Aka Si Anse and E-Bombs were directed at the Flügels, they initiated Heavenly Smite and channeled the energy to Artosh to create a more powerful version of Heavenly Smite, the Godly Smite or Almighty Smite. The energy was powerful enough to penetrate to the core of the planet.

It was pointed out by Riku that neither the Áka Si Anse nor the E-Bomb could match the power of Artosh's Godly Smite. Furthermore, Jibril stated in Volume 8 that even if every single races fired their ultimate weapons together, the Godly Smite would still be able to match it. It is assumed that the only weapon that could produce similar power output is the Stalemartyr.


  • Jibril was able to create a 378.23km long path in the sea with 5% of her Heavenly Smite to reach Oceando. Assuming the sea in the path has the same average depth as Oceando (200m) and the path is 20m wide, the energy required to push apart this amount of water is 31.01 terajoules, approximately 7.41 kilotons TNT equivalent.
    • From here, it can be calculated that Jibril's full power Heavenly Smite releases the energy equivalent to 148.25 kilotons of TNT, about 10 times as much as Little Boy, the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima.
  • Heavenly Smite was depicted differently in the TV anime and movie. It looks like multiple bolts of black lightning with purple glow in the anime, whereas the movie depicted it as a gigantic purple energy blast.

    Heavenly Smite in Anime

    Heavenly Smite in Movie


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