Hatsuse Ino (初瀬いの) is the assistant ambassador of the Elchea Federation to Imanity, and used to work there with his granddaughter, Hatsuse Izuna.

He later became the siblings' underling after the Werebeasts lost everything in the Eastern Union to them. He is protective towards his granddaughter and becomes unhappy and jealous whenever she is close to the siblings. According to "Miko", he has thirty wives, much to Sora's chagrin. He was possibly one of the participants of the games between Imanity's ex-king and the Werebeasts.

In the anime, Ino has a brief speaking role in Episode 04, but his official appearance is in Episode 08.


He is described as a white figure due to his long white hair (tied into a ponytail sometimes), tail and ears. Despite his old age, he has a very muscular body "like Schwarzy's in his prime" with enormous muscles that show through his kimono. He is often seen wearing his kimono and round glasses although when it comes to beach/bathing attire, he switches to a red loincloth but keeps his glasses.


He acts in a rather formal manner around guests and officials. However, when around rude or condescending people, he tends to reciprocate their attitudes back despite their diplomatic rank.

He expresses a caring attitude for those he knows, especially his granddaughter, even though his outer expression may suggest otherwise.

Though not during his jobs, he speaks many dirty jokes.

It is revealed that he is a very loyal devotee to Miko but also preverted person with around 30 wifes, he oppose the civil war between werebeasts because he want to do with women from all tribes (he was banished because he did it with all of his tribeswomen.). The reason Ino became her right-hand man was his hidden feeling to his madam (and a deal to make Polygyny legal in Eastern Union.).


Typical Werebeast physical abilities, that being magical sensory, extreme vision, sensitivity to sound, extreme strength, and extreme speed to name a few.




The light novels mention Ino and Steph-kou have a bond, as they are both victims of Sora's manipulation

(Steph-kou is a joke, as Ino pointed out Stephanie is Stephanie-kou or Duchess, and Izuna abbreviated it to Steph-kou.)

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