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Hardenfell (ハーデンフェル, hādenferu) is the second-largest country on Disboard and the nation of the Dwarves. Due to the Dwarve's natural blessing from their creator, Okein, Hardenfell has no blueprints or plans and Dwarves simply made it using their senses. It borders the nation of their greatest competitors, the Elves, Elven Gard.


The capital of Hardenfell itself is located 10,000 feet underground. However, according to Jibril, the country of Hardenfell spread to the planet surface in the form of various cites located from highland to ocean and formed a vast network. It has been noted by Sora that the capital itself has a very steampunk feel and also can be described as a "factory nightscape." It also was alluded to Midgar from Final Fantasy.

In the center of Hardenfell is a large beam of light shooting upwards. The source of this light is the Great Forge of Hardenfell, the true ether of their creator Okein and said to melt any material there is.


During the Great War, the Dwarves were known as the most technologically advanced of any race and seen as ruthless due to the weapons that were mass-produced in Hardenfell. This caused large harm upon Disboard. The E-Bomb was developed here within one of their hidden facilities. However, as a result of the Ten Pledges, all lethal weapons are now rendered inactive.

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